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Our branded clothing specialists, take pride in offering a large variety of quality products, branded with your logo and delivered on time. By choosing us, you can rest assured that you will get a quality product, every time.

For local companies, we are happy to pop in and visit your site with samples of our branded clothing, as this will allow you to see the garments for colour, quality and sizing , something which can be difficult to gauge when purchasing online. We can also discuss your logo options and remove the fear of getting it incorrect and being left with a costly mistake. We can show you samples of logos used from previous branded clothing orders to make sure the right application of branding is both correct and in the correct position on the garments you choose.

Whether you order online or with us directly, we will always offer artwork visuals for your approval. This will be your exact logo on the correct garment with your colour choice so will see exactly what will be produced before it happens. This helps reassure you that the order has been interpreted correctly and gives you confidence that the correct item will be with you first time.

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Setup Fees

A lot of our competitors will charge you a setup fee on EVERY order you place with them. These are usually very expensive and can quickly add up over numerous orders.

That’s we’re we are different. On all orders over £50.00 + VAT (excluding carriage), we will never charge a setup fee for any of our Branded Clothing orders as we believe in fairness.

There is a very small “One Off” – Artwork Setup Fee for orders less than £50.00 + VAT as we do incur expenses that small orders do not cover.

Vinyl Print: £2.50 + VAT or Embroidery: £15.00 + VAT

This is a one time fee – if the same logo is used again on future projects, regardless of order value, this does fee does not apply.

SMA Branded Clothing

Casual Wear.

Casual Wear within businesses are rapidly growing. With many companies ditching the more corporate attire for Polo Shirts & T-Shirts, we have noticed a change in demand for Casual Wear items.

We have a huge selection of Casual Clothing available, these include Polo Shirts, Hoodies, T-Shirts, Shorts, Jumpers, Caps & More.

We can create Branded Clothing from all of these items, each with print or embroidery in locations of your choice. We stock a large selection of colours to match your brand, logo and text, so whatever finish you require, you can rest assured that we will deliver a high quality product with a top quality finish.

Branded Clothing - Chef Jacket

Specialist Clothing

There are specific industries who need more specialised clothing to suit there brand and business image. Luckily, we stock everything needed for businesses like these who’s attire does not fit into the bulk buy items which are held by most printers. This minimised the delay in getting these goods out to you!

We stock a variety of specialist goods which cater for items like Tunics, Chef Jackets, Café Aprons, Caterers Attire & More.

All of these items can be branded up with you companies branding ensuring a good first impression and professional image.

Branded Clothing - Corporate

Corporate Wear.

Our passion for fabrics and tailoring is very strong, as is our attention to detail. We take great pride in delivering well-fitted men & women’s corporate clothing, which will leave a professional image and a good first impression with your clients.

Our warehouse has been providing workwear for both women and men for over 20 years. We stock a huge range of products, so getting the right corporate clothing for your team couldn’t be easier or simpler.

We stock most of the common lines i.e. shirts, blouses, trousers, ties, waistcoat etc making delivery quick and simple. As specialists in printing and embroidery services, we can add your branding to all of these items at very competitive prices.

Get A Free Quotation.

We can offer volume discounts on most of our lines. Our online shop is great for low volume orders, but please get in touch if you would like a volume discount Quotation as we would love the opportunity to quote.

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