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Accounting Services

We meet a lot of businesses who get by with the minimal financial accounting services and little to no support from their accountant. This is fine if all as you need from your accountant is completion of the legal accounting work, but sooner or later you are going run into problems which you won’t be sure how to handle or get help with.

SMA strongly believe that having a skilled accountant working on your finances, will help you make more informed business decisions. We don’t want you to just get by with minimal help and support, we want you to thrive. SMA’s accounting services are much more than just mandatory accounts & tax returns, we are a business advisor, financial planner and consultant. Tax Planning, Management Accounts, Personal Finance Planning, you name it, we do it.

Switch your traditional accountant with outdated processes and limited support to SMA. Not only can we save you valuable time and money, but we can offer you a truly personalised and improved service to what you are already receiving.

Statutory Accounting

It is a legal requirement for all limited companies to file statutory accounts. However, here at SMA we see it as a chance to review the business income and expenditure. Whilst also reviewing the company’s systems and process to increase efficiency.

Corporation Tax

It is a legal requirement for all limited companies to file a corporation tax return. Here at SMA we review the accounts during the accounts process for claims and add backs. We will also review your business to identify if the company qualifies for any further reliefs such as R&D tax relief.

Personal Tax

All company directors or individuals earning over £100,000 are required to complete a Self-assessment tax return. At SMA we can complete your self-assessment tax return to ensure the correct tax is payable and we can undertake tax planning to ensure reliefs and allowances are appropriately utilised

Management Accounts

For businesses that want to get an accurate review of the company’s current year profits and balance sheet position of the company on monthly or quarterly basis will want regular management accounts. Here at SMA we will review the position of the company and its overheads so if something can be improved or looks out of place it can be reviewed in a timely manner.


We will run your weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll services for you, to ensure that your staff are paid accurately everytime. We will calculate how much your employees need to be paid, how much tax, national insurance, student loan and any other deductions. We will report employee pay details to HMRC and ensure that the payments reach your accounting team promptly, to ensure that you can pay your team on time.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Every VAT registered business is required to complete a VAT return on a Monthly, Quarterly or yearly basis dependant on the VAT Scheme the business is on. Here at SMA we can complete and review your vat return in a timely manner and we will review the VAT Scheme the business is on. We will review your business to identify if there is a more favourable VAT scheme the business could be on based on the type of business and its requirements.


Our team will record all business transactions, amounts, dates, revenue, gain, expenses, and loss transactions. We will record these transactions against the correct nominal codes so you can easily see revenue or costings for specific departments or types. This information can then be relayed to you in reporting format as and when required.

Tax Planning

For business or individuals that require future tax planning to ensure they do not over pay tax. At SMA we work with our clients to ensure they utilise the most tax effective options they available to them and their business’s


Compliance Package

Our compliance package ensures you stay on the right side of the law. Our team will make sure that all the necessary accounting work is filed with HMRC on time.

Our goal will be to provide you with a bespoke website, with quality, engaging content which will convert visitors into quality leads, sales or whatever action you want your users to take.

We take prided in offering a website that is 100% compatible with all devices which works fully, without any bugs. This will ensure that all users can access your website information, vastly lowering the chance for visitors to go elsewhere.

We would love the opportunity to quote on your project, please get in touch for a no obligation quotation.


Business Management Package.

Our Business Management Package has been designed to provide businesses with all the core accounting services needed to run a business and to help your companies management make informed decisions.

Our Business Management Package offers all the services contained within the compliance package plus the generation of quarterly management accounts, bookkeeping, payroll, and auto-enrolment.


Business Growth Package.

Our business growth package offers all the benefits of our compliance & business management packages but with the added benefits of our growth advisers services.

Our growth advisers are here to help you understand your options and advise on the best approach to grow your business. They are here to support you with strategic business planning, forecasting, cash flow control, budgeting, funding and exit strategies.


Bespoke Accounting Services

Although our packages cater for most businesses, we appreciate that there are situations when a bespoke solution maybe required.

The SMA finance team are able to consult with you, get an understanding for your exact needs and requirement, then offer a solutions based only on what you need.

If a more tailored solution best suits your needs, please get in touch as we would love the opportunity to discuss this with you further.

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